Dough Pieces Inspection

Surface Inspection

By integrating a camera system on the existing production line in combination with our software, dough pieces with defects are now ejected fully automatically.
Dough on conveyor line preparing for biscuits making
Dough Pieces
Food and Beverages
total savings year
15-525k €

Customer Request

Our customer produces up to 800,000 pieces of dough per day. Metal detectors are already used to sort out metallic impurities. Other defects such as insects, hair, etc. were only detected in manual spot checks.

Maddox AI has integrated a camera system on the existing production line so that the dough pieces can be checked fully automatically. When a defect is detected, the existing reject gate is triggered so that only perfect dough pieces enter the packaging station.

Previous Inspection System
With Maddox AI

Random manual checks were carried out in three shifts by one employee. The detection accuracy varied depending on the inspector.

All products are 100% automatically inspected according to a precise defect book definition.

The plant received a major customer complaint last year, requiring more than 100,000 products to be destroyed.

Since the installation of Maddox AI, no further customer complaints have been received.

Since the inspection results were not digitized, no regular structured root cause analysis was performed.

Thanks to the digitized inspection process, the production scrap rate has been reduced by almost 30%.

100 %
Digitized Analyses
100 %
Less Pseudo Scrap
80 - 100 Pieces / Min.
Inspection Speed

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