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History, Mission and Vision

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AI from Cyber Valley

Europe's largest research cluster for machine learning is located in Tübingen. Maddox AI is still based in the AI Research Building, where more than 100 scientists research the most innovative AI vision topics. This close contact to leading AI experts enables us to also integrate the latest AI research results into our products.


Our History

Maddox AI is founded in Tübingen in 2018 – at that time still operating as Layer7 AI, mainly focusing on consulting projects. The founding team consists of professors for machine learning (Cyber Valley), former strategy consultants (BCG) and software developers (IBM Watson). The team quickly realizes first projects with clients. Right from the start the focus lies on the development of AI applications in the smart manufacturing sector. Due to the immense demand from clients, automating visual quality controls quickly emerged as the main challenge, the team starts to focus on the development of Maddox AI, an AI-based visual quality control solution, begins in 2020. Early on the development is supported by high tech partners such as Microsoft, Nvidia and AWS. Maddox AI’s mission is to enable customers without any technical background to develop and maintain reliable and highly accurate AI models. Today, Maddox AI inspects products for leading manufacturing companies across Europe.

our mission

To empower every manufacturing company to produce and ship products of optimal quality!

Every production and manufacturing company should be able to produce and deliver products of optimal quality. Therefore, we focus on both, the best possible visual quality control using the latest AI technology and the subsequent elimination of quality problems. By taking on the complete investment risk, we truly enable any company to optimize production quality in a long-term and sustainable manner.

our vision

No more scrap!

Our work is done when there is no more scrap. The goal is to use Maddox AI not only to correctly identify scrap and thus prevent pseudo scrap as best as possible, but also to identify optimization potential through digitized analyses to address the source of the scrap. No scrap leads to satisfied customers, lower costs and more resource-efficient production. That is our vision!

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