Our Solution

Maddox AI offers an easy to use end-to-end system to automate your visual quality controls


One Supplier, One End-to-End Solution:

  • Suitable camera system to capture high quality images
  • Cloud application to create and manage defect catalogs and train AI models
  • Full integration into your existing production line

Application Cases of Maddox AI

Our intuitive software allows you to reliably automate several applications on your shopfloor without needing any AI expertise:

Surface inspection
  • Inspection of irregular defects on surfaces
  • Detection of surface damages such as scratches, dents or burrs
  • Detection of discoloration or smearing
Part verification
  • Recognition of components, even with minor differentiating characteristics
  • Interfaces for automatic comparison of target and actual states
  • Detection of incorrectly positioned components
  • Detection of incorrectly oriented or off-centered elements
  • Object classification into predefined categories, e.g. subdivision by product type or defect class
OCR / Text Recognition
  • Character read-out
  • Reliable detection of e.g. engravings on metal surfaces, embossings on rubber parts as well as poorly printed and deformed characters
  • Recognition of 1D and 2D barcodes
  • Reliable detection of e.g. engravings on metal surfaces or embossings on rubber parts

Read more about these and other applications in our case studies


Our Software at a Glance

Maddox AI requires no AI expertise and can be easily trained in an intuitive cloud software.

Maddox Video Frame
  • Annotate defects in an intuitive user interface


  • Create and maintain digital defect books


  • Teach AI models with a few clicks


  • Update and re-deploy models for your production lines

Key Features of Our Solution

Thanks to our simple modular inspection system, Maddox AI can be easily adapted to your needs.

  • Custom-built industrial computer with built-in GPU for running neural networks locally on your production floor
  • Optional deployment of feeding and sorting systems to enable a complete automation
  • Ethernet and GPIO interfaces to enable an easy integration into your existing IT or automation infrastructure
  • Configurable camera module that can be adapted to your application in terms of lens, resolution and illumination

Integrating Maddox AI Into Your Infrastructure

Maddox AI uses modern industry standards to integrate into existing IT systems and automation equipment.

Maddox Video Frame