The Team Behind Maddox AI

Our product is as diverse as we are! Our team consists of entrepreneurs, scientists and engineers who have excelled at leading universities and in their professional lives. For early stage professionals, Maddox AI offers a steep learning curve and a kick-start to your career. Learn more about us here!

Peter Droege
Co-Founder & CEO
Peter Droege
After completing his studies in International Business Administration and Finance, Peter Droege worked for the Boston Consulting Group for several years. There he focused on the implementation of digitalization and innovation projects in large corporations.
behar veliqi
Co-Founder & CTO
behar veliqi
Behar Veliqi studied Computer Science in Karlsruhe and Edinburgh and worked at the FZI and CERN. After his studies, he worked as a software engineer at IBM Watson Analytics and as a research software engineer at the University of Tübingen.

Our Founders

Our founding team combines all relevant skills from the fields of machine learning and product development in order to transfer the latest AI research into an innovative but most importantly intuitive AI-based quality control solution.

Prof. Dr. <br>Matthias Betghe
Co-Founder & Senior ML Advisor
Prof. Dr.
Matthias Betghe
Eberhard Karls University Tübingen
Prof. Dr. Matthias Betghe is Professor of Computational Neuroscience and Machine Learning at the University of Tübingen. He is co-initiator of the European ELLIS initiative and has been selected several times as area chair for leading ML conferences such as NeurIPS, ICLR and Cosyne.
Dr. <br>Wieland Brendel
Co-Founder & Lead ML Advisor
Wieland Brendel
Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems
Dr. Wieland Brendel is group leader at the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems, research team leader at the Tübingen AI Center, and Emmy Noether group leader for Robust Machine Learning. He is also co-founder of the German Federal Artificial Intelligence Competition.
Prof. Dr. <br>Alexander Ecker
Co-Founder & Lead ML Engineer
Prof. Dr.
Alexander Ecker
Georg-August University Göttingen
Prof. Dr. Alexander Ecker is Professor of Data Science at the Georg-August-Universität Göttingen. As an expert in computer vision and machine learning, he is one of the co-inventors of the original Neural Style Transfer Algorithm.

Quotes from the Team

Learn more about our team members, what they do as well as what motivates them to work at Maddox AI:

Lead Hardware Developer
Aidas Kaminickas
Thinking different empowers to develop the functionality needed for AI-based and fully automated E2E solutions. We are here to share our expertise and professional support.
Account Executive
Monica Ocampo
As an Account Executive, I am in contact with different businesses every day. It is important for me to identify the individual needs and challenges of each customer In order to be able to provide the best possible support that our AI based Solution can offer.
Head of Product
Jens Höwelkröger
Feedback is the breakfast of champions. Putting the user experience first, I enjoy to ideate, design and build an innovative product with our smart and highly talented team. Being located between business and development I accompany our product from discovery to delivery – which excites me every day.
Working Student Content Marketing
Hanna Nennewitz
For me, working at Maddox AI is fascinating because I get in touch with topics that I, as a student of rhetoric, would otherwise have only limited contact with. Therefore, I always have the chance to learn new things and to constantly grow through different challenges.
Hardware Engineer
David Rebhan
For me, the most exciting part of my role is being confronted with new challenges every day. My job is to make sure that our Machine Learning team can work with the best possible images while meeting the customer's process requirements.
Account Executive
Viktor Kran
As an Account Executive, I accompany our customers and partners from the first conversation to the finished solution. Working in a motivated team and with a product that has the potential to change production processes in an unprecedented way is what motivates me every day.
B2B Online Marketing Managerin
Jessica Siebold
Maddox AI offers me the chance to combine my knowledge of online marketing with an extremely future-oriented topic. My goal is to successfully communicate the benefits of AI-based visual quality control to the public and thus advance the digital transformation.
UX Design Lead
Vlad Bulyntsev
The usability of our AI-based web app is one of the key factors for long-term use and user efficiency. That's why we pay a lot of attention a seamless experience and are constantly in touch with clients, continually improving the quality of the interfaces by regular UX research, testing and updates.
Working Student ML-Engineering
Stefan Wezel
I work for Maddox AI because I am passionate about using machine learning to solve real-world problems and advance industry by alleviation tedious and error-prone tasks so that human potential can be applied where it is needed more. I enjoy the mix of engineering and research challenges I encounter in my position as a ml-engineering working student.
Lead ML Engineer
Adrien Deliège
I joined Maddox AI because I wanted to deploy machine learning solutions to solve concrete industrial problems. It is really exciting because every customer comes with new challenges. With its flexible work culture, Maddox AI also has the fresh and vibrant start-up spirit that I was looking for.
Working Student Machine Learning
Kunyu Li
I am excited to be a part of the Machine Learning team as a working student focusing on data annotations. It is a new field to me and I can imagine that it would be an excellent opportunity to learn about front-tier AI technology from my colleagues.
Backend Engineer
Adrian Frank
I chose to work for Maddox AI because it gives me the opportunity to develop software that combines web technology and machine learning with the goal of making artificial intelligence applicable in the real world.
Working Student ML-Engineering
Arne Barth
I am writing my master thesis in the field of visual quality control because I believe that image processing will enable many things in the future. At Maddox AI I can research and gain experience on this topic with a competent team.
Business Development Manager
Peter Langenberg
At Maddox AI, I develop scalable strategies and processes to grow our dynamic company. What I like most about this is working with top people from science, technology and business to build a great company!

Our Success Is Based on Our Team

Every single team member makes Maddox AI special! Thanks to our different areas of expertise and diverse personalities, we have created a unique team that works towards our vision every day with a lot of motivation and passion.


You can be part of it too!

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