Applications for the Automotive Industry

Maddox AI can be used to optimize numerous inspection tasks in the automotive industry.


In addition to inspecting smaller components such as seals, pins, spring elements, and other metal, plastic, and electronic parts, we also inspect large, complex parts such as pillars and stamped components up to entire vehicles.

Futhermore, Maddox AI catalogs all data for full traceability.

Case Study in the Automotive Industry

Example: Optimization of Turned Parts Inspection

Thanks to Maddox AI, the turned parts can be inspected 100% from all sides and thus are reliably checked for craters, impact points and grooves.
Turned Parts
total savings year
130-195k €
Foto Herstellung von Drehteilen
100 %
Digitized Analyses
0 € costs
for the expansion to new error classes
25 parts / min.
Inspection Speed

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