AI-Based Quality Assurance in the Logistics Industry

Maddox AI offers customised solutions for the automation and digitalisation of quality assurance tasks in the logistics industry.


In the logistics industry, AI-based vision systems, such as Maddox AI, are gradually replacing the classic hand scanner. Our solutions automate and digitise the traceability of goods and optimise process reliability by setting new standards in terms of accuracy, speed and packaging quality.

Areas of Application for Maddox AI in the Logistics Industry

In the logistics industry, efficiency and precision are crucial. Maddox AI offers customised quality assurance solutions for the specific requirements of the logistics industry to ensure smooth and safe operations. These solutions range from the precise inspection of packaging to the reading and assignment of labels to the automated and digitalised traceability of goods. By seamlessly integrating AI-based vision systems into the logistics process, we not only ensure efficient and error-free handling, but also create room for innovative optimisations and improved customer satisfaction.

Moreover, every automation project with Maddox AI is also always a digitalisation project. The data from the automated visual inspection, including images and metadata, are analysed in the Maddox AI Cloud software and serve as the basis for comprehensive evaluations such as defect Pareto analyses, defect heat maps and dashboards. You are actively notified by Maddox AI (e.g. by email or SMS) when too much scrap is produced. This way, you can ensure that excessive scrap does not occur over a longer period of time.

Maddox AI Offers Quality Assurance Solutions for Various Use Cases, Including:

  • Traceability of goods: Automate the traceability of goods, from storage to delivery, to ensure that each shipment can be accurately tracked and documented.

  • Package inspection: Inspecting packages for integrity, sealing and correct labelling to ensure that products are protected during transport and meet quality standards.

  • Identification of packaging defects: Detection of deviations in packaging, such as damaged or incorrectly sealed packages.

  • Damage identification: Early detection of damage to goods and packaging to minimise damage and ensure high product quality.

  • Automated sortation: Enabling precise automated sortation of goods, resulting in optimised storage and faster delivery times.

  • Accurate labelling and printing: Analyse labels and printing for accuracy and clarity. Faulty labels or hard-to-read prints are detected immediately to ensure flawless product presentation.

  • Part number identification and embossing: Accurately capture part numbers as well as engravings and embossing on components using OCR to enable accurate matching and prevent mis-ordering.

  • Reading of bar and QR codes: Recognition of codes for precise identification and verification of components and products.

Case Study in the Logistics Industry

Example: Label Recognition on Cardboard Boxes

Thanks to Maddox AI, the codes and labels on different cartons are reliably recognized, read, matched as well as rejected and re-evaluated in case of discrepancy.
Cardboard Boxes
total savings year
130-195k €
Cardboard boxes on conveyor belt
100 %
Digitized Analyses
100 %
Tracability by reading & comparing the different labels
100 %
Integration into existing automation technology

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