Applications for the Logistics Industry

Maddox AI can be used to optimize numerous inspection tasks in the logistics industry.


In the logistics industry, AI-based vision systems, such as Maddox AI, are gradually replacing the classic handheld scanner.

Maddox AI helps logistics service providers automate and digitize the traceability of goods. This enables optimization of process reliability in terms of accuracy, speed and packaging quality.

Case Study in the Logistics Industry

Example: Label Recognition on Cardboard Boxes

Thanks to Maddox AI, the codes and labels on different cartons are reliably recognized, read, matched as well as rejected and re-evaluated in case of discrepancy.
Cardboard Boxes
total savings year
130-195k €
Cardboard boxes on conveyor belt
100 %
Digitized Analyses
100 %
Tracability by reading & comparing the different labels
100 %
Integration into existing automation technology

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