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From Theory to Practice

Maddox AI has already automated numerous quality inspections in various industries and with different challenges. Read our case studies to learn more about inspection cases that have already been solved, what problems our customers had to deal with before implementing Maddox AI and to what extent they benefit from our individual solution.
Case Studies

Overview of Our Case Studies

Here you will find an overview of selected case studies. If you have any questions about individual examples or your specific use case, please feel free to contact us at any time!
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  • Energy Technology
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  • Code Recognition
  • Component Detection
  • Positioning Errors
  • Surface Inspection
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  • Cardboard
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Cosmetic Container Inspection
Maddox AI's software, as well as the implementation of three individual camera systems, can reliably inspect surfaces, labels and imprints.
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Fully Automated Wire Inspection
Surface defects such as dents, burnt areas or insulation defects can be reliably checked automatically with the help of Maddox AI.
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Inspection Cell for Plastic Seals
By integrating a rotating inspection cell with three cameras in combination with Maddox AI's software, the plastic seals are reliably inspected 100% of the time.
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Inspection of Ball Bearings
Maddox AI successfully automates the inspection of impact points, incorrectly mounted components and scratches on ball bearings.
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A green chip with a complex circuit for controlling robots.
Inspection of Printed Circuit Boards
Thanks to Maddox AI's device and software, incorrectly assembled components and other damages can be detected and tracked to a specific PCB.
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Cardboard boxes on conveyor belt
Label Recognition on Cardboard Boxes
Thanks to Maddox AI, the codes and labels on different cartons are reliably recognized, read, matched as well as rejected and re-evaluated in case of discrepancy.
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Foto Herstellung von Drehteilen
Optimization of Turned Parts Inspection
Thanks to Maddox AI, the turned parts can be inspected 100% from all sides and thus are reliably checked for craters, impact points and grooves.
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traktor manufacturing
Tractor Inspection
Maddox AI ensures that all relevant parts of a customer-specific order have been correctly mounted on a the customer's tractor.
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