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Maddox AI comes with multiple advantages compared to classic quality control systems

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less pseudo scrap
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Digitized analyses
AI-based image processing

Inspect Complex Components and Surfaces

With Maddox AI, you can solve inspection tasks where classic, rule-based systems fail.

Maddox AI combines the reliability of classic vision systems with the ability to accurately inspect complex components and surfaces.

This means that even components that are sometimes lighter or darker, glossier or duller, depending on the production batch, can be reliably inspected automatically.

pseudo scrap

Less Pseudo Scrap, Less Recalibration

In contrast to classic, rule-based systems, Maddox AI learns that OK components can look different and that production variability - e.g. light, dark, matt, etc. - does not represent relevant defect features.

Thus, Maddox AI can reduce pseudo scrap without having to regularly recalibrate the model.


No Investment Risk:
Payment Only After Successful Model Approval

You only pay after Maddox AI has been validated on your production floor. If we fail to achieve the promised performance KPIs, you do not incur any costs. We bear the full investment risk. In addition, you benefit from our free after-sales services, such as model re-training or maintenance.

Free White Paper
Find out in our white paper why only a few companies are using AI systems in regular operation, although the majority is convinced of the great added value of the systems. Read now!
Without any AI expertise

Train AI Models With a Few Clicks

With Maddox AI, you can independently train, evaluate and optimize AI models tailored to your needs. You are only required to provide your core expertise: defect definition and defect annotation - Maddox AI takes care of the rest.

Digitized Analyses

Gain Powerful Production Insights Through
Our Cloud Software

  • Our cloud platform gives you access to all relevant production KPIs, such as pareto analyses or defect concentration diagrams. This allows you to easily identify optimization potential in your production process and advance their implementation.
  • As soon as too many defective parts are being produced, Maddox AI proactively warns you by e-mail or SMS. This prevents you from producing too much scrap over a longer period of time.
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