Quality Control With Maddox AI:
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As an AI-based solution, Maddox AI clearly stands out from conventional quality control systems and offers you numerous benefits over classic inspection systems.

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Cost-Efficient Quality Control for Complex Components and Surfaces

While manual inspectors are capable of handling even the most complex quality control tasks, these are often accompanied by high costs. At the same time, rule-based inspection systems are cost-efficient, but work reliably especially for less demanding quality control tasks. With Maddox AI, you get a cost-effective solution that successfully handles even demanding quality control requirements.

Maddox AI combines the reliability of classic vision systems with the ability to accurately inspect complex components and surfaces.

This means that even components that are sometimes lighter or darker, glossier or duller, depending on the production batch, can be reliably inspected automatically.

pseudo scrap

Reduced Pseudo Scrap and Minimised Calibration Effort

Unlike conventional, rule-based quality control systems, Maddox AI recognises that OK components may look different due to production variability, such as differences in brightness, darkness or matte surfaces, without necessarily being classified as a relevant defect criterion. Thanks to this adaptive capability, Maddox AI can drastically reduce pseudo scrap without the need for time-consuming manual recalibration of the model.


No Investment Risk:
Payment Only After Successful Model Approval

With us, you have no investment risk. You only pay after our system has successfully met the previously agreed quality standards in your regular production. In addition, you benefit from our free after-sales services, so that you can, for example, train new defect classes or product types at any time.

Free White Paper: Why Aren't More Companies Using AI-Based Visual Inspection Systems?

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Without any AI expertise

Train AI Models With a Few Clicks

With Maddox AI, you can independently train, evaluate and optimise customised AI models for your quality control without having to have AI knowledge. You are only required to provide your core expertise: defect definition and defect annotation - Maddox AI takes care of the rest. Our intuitive system makes data acquisition, model building and model optimisation easy with just a few clicks. This allows you to make your quality control more efficient and significantly improve your production processes.
Digitized Analyses

Gain Powerful Production Insights Through
Our Cloud Software

  • Our cloud software gives you valuable insights into your production. Our platform provides access to all relevant production KPIs such as Pareto analysis and defect concentration diagrams. This allows you to easily identify optimisation potential, such as structural defects, in your production process and drive their implementation.
  • Maddox AI informs you proactively and in real time when error limits are exceeded. This is done via various communication channels such as email or SMS. This allows you to intervene in time and prevent the production of scrap over a longer period of time.
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