Quality Control in the Food and Beverage Industry Using AI

Maddox AI optimises and automates a variety of optical quality control tasks using AI in the food and beverage industry.


In the food and beverage industry, Maddox AI not only detects damage and contamination, but also inspects products under the highest production speed. Our software automatically catalogues all relevant data for complete product traceability. This enables us not only to ensure the safety and quality of the products, but also to perform detailed analyses for continuous process improvements.

Areas of Application for Maddox AI in the Food and Beverage Industry

The food and beverage industry places particularly high demands on the quality, safety and precision of production processes and goods. Maddox AI offers individual quality control solutions using AI to meet these requirements. From the detection of impurities to the identification of off-colours and the inspection of packaging. In addition, Maddox AI can be used for product traceability. This precise traceability not only enables efficient management of quality issues, but also increases transparency along the entire supply chain, which is crucial to meet the high quality and safety standards in the food industry.

Moreover, every automation project with Maddox AI is also always a digitalisation project. The data captured during the automated visual inspection, such as images and metadata, are automatically analysed in the Maddox AI Cloud software and are available for comprehensive evaluations such as defect Pareto analyses, defect heat maps and dashboards. Maddox AI informs you proactively (e.g. via email or SMS) if too much scrap is currently being produced. This allows you to ensure that excessive scrap is not produced over a longer period of time.

Maddox AI Can Be Used to Check Various Use Cases, Such As:

  • Damage detection: Identification of even the smallest damage to food and beverage packaging, including cracks, dents or leaks, to ensure quality and freshness.

  • Contamination inspection: Detection of contaminants such as foreign objects or dirt particles in food and beverages to guarantee product safety.

  • Label and packaging inspection: Checking labels for correct placement and legibility and packaging for integrity.

  • Traceability and data capture: Enable full traceability of each product, automatically capturing and archiving all relevant data to trace the entire product life cycle.

  • Detection of deformations: Identification of deformations or distortions that may occur during the manufacturing process.

  • Verification of beverage closures: Analysis of beverage closures to ensure they are properly sealed and tamper evident.

  • Checking fill levels: Monitoring fill levels in containers to ensure they meet established standards.

  • Identification of part numbers and embossing: Accurately capture part numbers as well as engravings and embossing on components using OCR to enable accurate matching and prevent misordering.

  • Bar and QR code reading: Recognition of codes for accurate identification and verification of parts and products.

  • Traceability of products: Complete traceability of products from manufacturing to the end user to ensure safety and quality throughout the supply chain.

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