Applications for the Food and Beverage Industry

Maddox AI can be used to optimize numerous inspection tasks in the food and beverage industry.


In the food and beverage industry, Maddox AI detects damage as well as contamination and inspects products at maximum production speed.

In addition, our software automatically catalogs all data for full product traceability, enabling follow-up analysis, e.g. for process improvements.

Case Study in the Food and Beverages Industry

Example: Dough Pieces Inspection

By integrating a camera system on the existing production line in combination with our software, dough pieces with defects are now ejected fully automatically.
Dough Pieces
Food and Beverages
total savings year
15-525k €
Dough on conveyor line preparing for biscuits making
100 %
Digitized Analyses
100 %
Less Pseudo Scrap
80 - 100 Pieces / Min.
Inspection Speed

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