Applications for the Plastics Industry

Maddox AI can be used to optimize numerous inspection tasks in the plastics industry.


Plastic is a modern and demanding raw material that leads to special inspection requirements.

Maddox AI is used in particular for inspection tasks where classic, rule-based systems reach their limits and/or have problems with pseudo rejects. This is the case, for example, with components that are produced somewhat lighter/darker, more/less glossy depending on the production batch.

Case Study in the Plastics Industry

Example: Inspection Cell for Plastic Seals

By integrating a rotating inspection cell with three cameras in combination with Maddox AI's software, the plastic seals are reliably inspected 100% of the time.
total savings year
375-625k €
100 %
Digitized Analyses
MES Integration
for a central collection of the data
9 parts / min.
Inspection Speed

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