AI-Supported Optical Quality Control in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry

Maddox AI provides custom AI-powered solutions for optimising optical quality control in the pharmaceutical and medical industries.


White box: The pharmaceutical and medical industries require the highest standards in terms of product integrity and traceability. The quality criteria required for this are constantly increasing. Maddox AI provides customised solutions to these challenges, ensuring that packaging is flawless, labelling is accurate and products can be traced seamlessly from the manufacturing process to the end user.

Areas of Application for Maddox AI in the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industries

In the pharmaceutical and medical industries, state-of-the-art technology and stringent control mechanisms must be used to ensure that every drug or medical device meets the highest safety standards. Optimising and automating optical quality control with Maddox AI can ensure a wide range of these requirements.

Maddox AI offers customised solutions for the entire pharmaceutical value chain, including checking dosages, identifying impurities and monitoring packaging lines to ensure that each pack is properly sealed and correctly labelled. In addition, Maddox AI helps with product traceability. This precise traceability not only enables efficient management of quality issues, but also increases visibility throughout the supply chain, which is critical to meeting the high quality and safety standards in the medical industry.

Each automation project is also accompanied by the digitisation of production through Maddox AI. The automatically collected data during optical quality control is processed in the Maddox AI Cloud software and serves as the basis for detailed analyses such as defect Pareto analyses, defect heat maps and dashboards. Maddox AI actively notifies you (e.g. via email or SMS) if there is currently too much scrap. This allows you to ensure that excessive scrap is not produced over a longer period of time.

Maddox AI Enables a Wide Range of Inspection Capabilities, Including:

  • Ensuring packaging integrity: Accurate monitoring of pharmaceutical and medical product packaging.

  • Labelling inspection: Verification of labels using code and text verification techniques to ensure that all information is correct and clearly legible.

  • Product traceability: Complete traceability of products from manufacture to end user to ensure safety and quality throughout the supply chain.

  • Inclusions and foreign object detection: Identification of inclusions, foreign objects or irregularities.

  • Verification of dosages: Ensuring correct dosages of pharmaceutical products to ensure efficacy and safety for patients.


  • Detection of deviations: Detection of even the smallest deviations in colour, shape or packaging to ensure that each product meets strict industry-specific standards.

  • Checking engravings and embossings: Checking engravings or embossing on packaging surfaces.

  • Analysis of product surfaces: Inspection of surfaces of pharmaceutical and medical products for scratches, dents or other surface defects.

  • Bar and QR code reading: Recognition of codes for accurate identification and verification of parts and products.

  • Traceability of products: Complete traceability of products from manufacturing to the end user to ensure safety and quality throughout the supply chain.

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