AI - The Self-Experiment of a Layperson


Author: Hanna Nennewitz


AI is on everyone's mind - this statement has been nothing new for a long time. However, surprisingly few people know how AI (short for artificial intelligence) works and what really is behind it. For many, it is more of an abstract construct. AI is associated with vague ideas without actually knowing exactly how it works and what is behind it.

To remedy this problem, I set out to find out more about AI with the help of Maddox AI. This will not only be about AI in general, but especially about how it is used and how it works in industry. While the intuitive use of AI has long since arrived in the everyday lives of most people, its application in industry is only now really taking off. Using visual inspection systems as a real-life example, I want to approach the topic together with you and find out how AI can create real added value for industry.

But who is behind the me that is heading out?

Me, Hanna, 22 years old and a student of humanities. If anyone doesn’t know anything about AI, it’s probably me. And that’s exactly why Maddox AI asked me if I would like to dive into this complex topic together with you.

Why someone who knows nothing about AI, of all people?

That’s a fair question. However, the thought behind it is quite simple: if I can understand it, then you can for a long time and that is exactly our goal. We want to help make sure that everyone can understand AI, not just those who are in it up to their knees. To bring the topic closer to you, I’ll be talking to various experts from the sector, looking at concrete applications and, of course, trying out AI myself. The hope is that in the end not only I will be much smarter, but (most importantly) YOU will be too.


Episode 1

Quality control during the last 20 years -

What has changed and what role does artificial intelligence play by now?

In the first episode of this blog series, you'll learn how quality control has changed over the last 20 years and what role artificial intelligence plays in this. Furtnermore, you'll learn how AI-based quality control differs from rule-based, classical systems.
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