Inspection of Printed Circuit Boards

Surface Inspection, Component Recognition and Data Matrix Code Recognition

Thanks to Maddox AI's device and software, incorrectly assembled components and other damages can be detected and tracked to a specific PCB.
A green chip with a complex circuit for controlling robots.
Printed Circuit Boards
total savings year
110-160k €

Customer Request

Our customer manufactures printed circuit boards, which were manually inspected by two people in a three-shift operation due to the variety and complexity of the production. A classic inspection system was already used to check individual components – but a hundred percent automated end-of-line inspection did not happen, yet.

Maddox AI has developed a semi-automatic inspection system in which printed circuit boards are inspected with a high-resolution camera. Due to the high product variability, a fully automated inspection system was not possible. The system is used to detect, among other things, defectively mounted components and other damages such as scratches, or solder bumps. By reading a data matrix code, the Maddox AI system tracks defects to a specific component. In the first step, the system is loaded manually. New defect classes have already been retrained several times free of charge.

Previous Inspection System
With Maddox AI

The printed circuit boards were inspected manually in three shifts with a total of six employees. The detection accuracy varied depending on the inspector.

All products are inspected 100% automatically according to a precise defect definition. The inspection system is operated by one employee per shift.

Due to the faulty assembly of printed circuit boards, the production was carried out with an excessively high reject rate.

Since installing Maddox AI, the scrap rate has been reduced by 25%.

Since the inspection results were not digitized, no regular structured root cause analysis was performed

Thanks to the digitalized inspection process, process optimizations could be realized (e.g. direct feedback loop for machine setting).

0 € costs
for expansion to further product variants
100 %
Tracability by reading the data matrix code
40 %
less pseudo scrap

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