Tractor Inspection

Component Detection and OCR

Maddox AI ensures that all relevant parts of a customer-specific order have been correctly mounted on a the customer's tractor.
traktor manufacturing
total savings year
65-440k €

Customer Request

Our customer produces several 1,000 tractors of different sizes and configurations each year. The tractors are finally inspected in a large light tunnel. Two specialists per shift check whether the correct configurations such as lights, rear view mirrors, hazard warnings, etc. have been installed for the respective customer, as incorrectly installed components can quickly become expensive in after-sales.

The Maddox AI inspection system supplements this inspection work and thus supports the technical experts during the inspection. All tractor types, large and small, can be photographed with the same static-mounted camera and are evaluated by the AI model. By also reading the order number for each tractor, Maddox AI enables full traceability of individual tractor orders.

Previous Inspection System
With Maddox AI

The tractors were checked manually in two shifts by two employees. The detection accuracy varied depending on the inspector.

Relevant parts are automatically checked according to a precise defect book definition.

Because tractors are made order-specific, the plant received a larger number of customer complaints that required rework.

The number of customer complaints was significantly reduced with the help of the Maddox AI inspection solution.

It was not possible to perform a structured root cause analysis to reduce mounting errors as the current inspection results were not consistently saved digitally.

Thanks to the consistent and digitized inspection process, the expensive re-work rate can be reduced in the future.

100 %
Tracability by reading out the production order via OCR
MES Integration
Enables use of data for process improvements
1 Traktor / Min.
Inspection speed

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